Tunisian Navigation Company

The Tunisian Navigation Company has completed a number of strategic missions that have led to the construction of a pavilion now enjoying international renown and renown. In anticipation of changes in world trade and shipping, CTN has since 1997 launched an action program to meet the challenges of free competition, to embark on the trajectory of excellence and to rise to the level of the most competitive companies. more efficient sector.

The Tunisian Company of Navigation aims to become one of the best shipowners in the Mediterranean specialized in the transport of the ro-ro freight by exploiting a modern and efficient fleet and offering services of quality, in term of frequency, regularity and care taken to the merchandise. In addition, with the implementation of the Car-Ferry “Carthage” in June 1999, the Company continues to enhance the standing and comfort of its passenger ships to better serve its traditional customers in high season and develop tourism maritime in low and middle seasons.